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Programme of Events

The current programme of events includes the following listed below. Previous years programmes of walks and talks are available at this archive page link.

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Heritage Centre, St. Margaret’s Park at 7.30pm (refreshments)

Afterwards - photographs "Wildlife on the Hill through the Seasons" will be shown.

Summer Programme

Summer programme of walks, year 2018

We have an exciting and varied walks programme again this year, we hope something for everyone.

  • Sunday 29th April: Highlights of Corstorphine Hill Walk
    Meet at Walled Garden, 2pm.
    Gordon Swann will lead this walk based on a new booklet devised by Ian Moore. It lasts about 2 hours but there are shortcuts back to the start for those wishing a shorter walk.

  • Saturday 26th May 9am – 11am: Bird Walk with Ian Moore
    We will meet at the 'Rest and Be Thankful' benches overlooking Murrayfield Golf Course at 9am. Aim would be to see and hear characteristic woodland/heathland breeding birds.

  • Sunday 17th June: Wildflower Walk around the Hill
    Dr Brian Moffat will lead a walk over the Hill to find and identify the great variety of summer wildflowers growing there. Meet in the Walled Garden at 2 pm.

  • Sunday 22nd July: Hunt for Butterflies, Bees, and other insects
    A family outing led by Gordon Swann and David Adamson. Sharp eyed children required! Please bring a small plastic jar to catch and observe the insects, also a magnifying glass if you have one. Meet in the Walled Garden at 2 pm.

  • Sunday 5th August: Trees of Corstorphine Hill
    Led by Brian Moffat. Brian will show us the variety of tree species, native and introduced to be found on the Hill. Meet in the Walled Garden at 2 pm.

  • Sunday 30th September: Fungus Foray through the Woods
    The ever popular Family Fungus Foray, led by David Adamson to find and identify these autumn fruiting occupants of the woodland. Meet at Kaimes Road car park at 2 pm.

Events for Schools & Youth Groups

We are able to offer guided walks over the hill to look at its wildlife, history, geology or just a general ramble. This could include a visit to the Tower if conditions are suitable. We can also advise on environmental projects; we have run half day plant survey projects for Primary School pupils, and also offer experiences helping in the Walled Garden, or joining work parties on the Hill to clear undergrowth and invasive species such as Himalayan Balsam and Salmonberry from the Nature Reserve. Please make contact through the website or to the Chairman.

Walled Garden Opening

The walled garden is open every day. A team of volunteers open up in the morning and lock up at night in order to minimise any vandalism and generally keep a eye on the garden. The work teams open on a Tuesday and close on a Thursday since they are there anyway. Therefore the garden is open from 11.00 am till 4.00 pm as a core time. In fact it is open for much longer hours especially in the summer, depending on how it fits in for the volunteers.

Tower Opening

The Friends are pleased to announce that this year the Tower will be opened by our volunteers for viewing every Sunday afternoon from 2 pm until 4 pm, starting Sunday 13 May, until Sunday 23 September. It will also be open 2-4 pm for Edinburgh Doors Open weekend (29 & 30 September). From October to May the Tower may be opened to groups of visitors if weather conditions are suitable. Please contact the Chairman to arrange.

  • START DATE: Sunday 13 May 2018

  • FINISH DATE: Sunday 23 September 2018

*** Edinburgh Doors Open Days: ***
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 September 2018

For anyone wanting to know more about the Tower opening or offering to help, contact a committee member or email gandmswann@gmail.com


Current Newsletter:

Summer 2018, Newsletter no. 62 (351 kB pdf)

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