Updated on 11 October, 2019

Web Links

Ian Moore has posted photographs of Corstorphine Hill birds and other interesting sightings on the social media web site Tumblr. Click on http://chilloutdoors.tumblr.com to view these super photos.

The website for the Edinburgh Capital Hotel, on Clermiston Road.

The Edinburgh Zoo website.

Corstorphine Trust: The Corstorphine Trust is a local community association, based at The Corstorphine Heritage Centre (The Dower House) in St Margaret's Park, Corstorphine.

GeoConservation Groups affiliated with the Edinburgh Geological Society website.

Edinburgh Tree Warden Network: if you have a question, comment or suggestion about trees, e.g. concerns about damaged or diseased trees (especially if there is a possible risk to public safety); or damage being caused to trees. The Tree Warden Network is a group of volunteers who assist in the gathering of information and encourage practical projects relating to trees in the community.

Edinburgh & Lothians Badger Group: if you want an answer to a question about badgers; or wish to report badger related information (e.g. dead or injured badgers or sightings of badgers). The Edinburgh and Lothians Badger Group, now part of Scottish Badgers, was formed in 1994 and aims to protect the Badger and its environment throughout the Lothians. Members of the Group actively participate in a variety of conservation projects aimed at protecting Badger setts and habitat and give advice on Badgers and their conservation. A vital part of the Group's activities involves the surveying, checking and recording of existing and new setts. This information is then made available for use, when necessary, as evidence in prosecutions and for ensuring the future protection of the Badger's habitat.

Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club: if you would like more information about orienteering on Corstorphine Hill.

Websites of some of the other 'Friends' groups, looking after parks and green spaces in Edinburgh, can be found at the following links:-