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Detailed maps 

A waymarker map of 'Corstorphine Hill' Local Nature Reserve can be viewed here.

A detailed map of 'Corstorphine Hill' Local Nature Reserve (1:10,000 scale, A3 sheet) can be viewed here.

An aerial photo of 'Corstorphine Hill' Local Nature Reserve (1:10,000 scale, A3 sheet) can be viewed here.

A location map for the Corstorphine Hill 'Walled Garden' (1:5,000 scale, A4 sheet) can be viewed here.

location of corstorphine hill

Location & Maps

From the South ~ the sole entrance is on Corstorphine Road, opposite the top of Balgreen Road. Buses LRT: 12, 26, 31. There is no car parking beside the gate, one would need to park on Balgreen Road. This path leads up to the Rest and Be Thankful view point.

From the West ~ there is a car park at the top of Kaimes Road, at the end of Cairnmuir Road. There are numerous pedestrian openings from Clermiston Road: opposite the 26 bus terminus (this is also the path which leads up to the Tower and the Walled Garden); at various points running along Clermiston Road, past the Capital Hotel, to a car park half way along the east side of Clermiston Road North. Buses which will take you to the west side include the 1 whose Terminus is at the top of Drum Brae Drive and the 21 which pass down Clermiston Road North.

How to reach Corstorphine Hill

From the North ~ the sole entrance is to the east of the traffic lights on Queensferry Road and Clermiston Road North. There is no easy parking on Queensferry Road. Buses LRT 32 and 41 and Stagecoach (but check latter for number and exact stops).

From the East ~ there are two entrances: at Hillpark Rise (to the west of Craigcrook Road), where there is limited parking in a residential area; and one from a path which runs off Ravelston Dykes Road (at a dangerous bend on a country type road), and leads between Murrayfield Golf course and the Ravelston Golf Course on to the hill below the Rest and Be Thankful. There is no place to park, nor any bus route nearby.

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