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How do I join Friends of Corstorphine Hill?

Our annual membership fee is a minimum of £1 per person, though if you feel you are able to, and would like to, support us with a larger donation we would be hugely appreciative. This can be paid by bank transfer, in person to one of our committee members, or via the DONATE function on this website. In addition to payment, we ask that you submit your name and email address with your donation, stating that you would like to become a member. This can again be done either in person, via email or facebook, or most easily via DONATE

What's in it for me?

  • Knowing you are contributing to maintaining and improving a site of natural beauty and importance

  • Being a valued member of the community

  • Receiving a regular Newsletter about the Friends, our activities, news from the hill, etc 

  • Receiving invitations to take part in projects, give advice, and attend walks and talks


What does your membership fee support? 

Activities that the Friends organise or support. For example, we:

  • Increase considerate use of the Hill for leisure and recreation

  • Provide more frequent openings of the Tower which can be accessed by the public

  • Improve access, tidiness and safety for those accessing the Hill

  • The management of invasive species on the Hill

  • Increase understanding of the Hill

  • Revitalise the Walled Garden and old nursery and provide ongoing maintenance

  • Campaign against adverse developments

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